How to Use

  • What is a tile?

    Each tile represents a piece of you. Create your tile and explain yourself visually.

  • Area of 9 tiles

    Pick your favorite 9 tiles from “Tilefolio” and present yourself?

  • Tilefolio

    Clip all useful personal information to sell yourself

  • NINE

    Move up to 9 tiles. Drag your tiles and create your own 9 tiles.


    Replace tiles from 9 tiles to “Tilefolio”

  • EDIT

    Edit content


    Delete tile

  • File

    Add file

  • Date

    Add event date

  • Location

    Add event location

  • Member

    Add member

  • Picture

    Add picture

  • Add Movie

    Upload your clips on YouTube or other sites and use the hyperlink to access the clip

  • Cover

    Change covers of the tiles
    You can either upload photos or choose icons for the tile covers. It can also be just the title.