Our Mission And Values

"Ninefolio" is the service provided by About You Inc.
About You Inc. is an entrepreneurial venture that started in Japan.

In today's competitive global job market, we started with simple questions such as, "Can resumes (words only) fully describe the candidates during their job-hunting process?" and "How much can the companies truly understand the candidates from their resumes?"

We are here to bridge the gap.

Our mission is to introduce a new and effective way to connect candidates with companies at the job-hunting and recruitment phases in today's digital era.

Through our service "Ninefolio", in addition to traditional resume, we would like to provide the best opportunity for the candidates to realize their dreams by fully presenting and marketing themselves to companies.

At the same time, we would like to provide companies with in-depth information of the candidates in a different way. By doing so, companies can know the candidate's real self and meet their needs effectively.

Founder/CEO Katsu Shirai